‘Were You There’ — Saluting the glorious Alapaha Easter Passion Play

Fifteen Technicolor photos convey the Alapaha Easter Passion Play dress rehearsal held at the historic Alapaha Gym in South Georgia, the occasion of the volunteer-driven play’s 21st anniversary. In the accompanying candid Jesus Christ, effortlessly portrayed by returning champ Jeremy Hyers, diligently seeks his heavenly father’s counsel in the Garden of Gethsemane on March 15, 2015, during a Sunday afternoon practice session in the rural community of Alapaha. Photography by Hayne Norton

Five hundred and counting South Georgia citizens were spiritually uplifted when the 21st anniversary edition of the Alapaha Easter Passion Play debuted at the Alapaha Gym in Berrien County to a crowd shattering the previous year’s attendance.

Dedicated to original guiding light Marian Dixon, who succumbed to ovarian cancer just five weeks before…



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