Too scared to fly: Sam Nelson’s musical odyssey to his legendary father

Rick Nelson gently pets family dog Byron, a sweet boy sort of a cross between a mutt and sheep dog, in a shot used for the gatefold package of the “Windfall” album, released on January 14, 1974. The 33-year-old “Don’t Leave Me Here” singer was at the height of his artistic powers at the time. Photography by John Longenecker / Universal Music Group / Courtesy of Sheree Homer

Though “Hello Mary Lou” hit recording artist Rick Nelson preferred not to share family matters with his band members, John Beland, Nelson’s lead guitarist from 1978 through 1980 who is forever preserved on video accompanying him during an unforgettable Saturday Night Live hosting stint, candidly revealed in Philip Bashe’s Teenage Idol, Travelin’ Man: The Complete



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