The last word on Bobbie Gentry, songwriter

A chronological, complete list of the enigmatic Southern Gothic siren’s 46 compositions recorded between 1967 and 1977

Image Credit: Universal Music Group / Colorization by Stephen Potter / Bobbie Gentry Fans on Facebook

The Bobbie Gentry Compositions

  1. My Dog Sargent” [according to Gentry during the August 3, 1968, telecast of her London-based, self-titled TV series, this was the first song she ever composed when she was seven years old on piano]
  2. Ode to Billie Joe” [No. 1 POP, No. 17 C&W, No. 8 R&B, No. 7 Adult Contemporary, No. 13 UK, July 10, 1967, title cut of the Ode to Billie Joe album]
  3. Mississippi Delta” [B-side of “Ode to Billie Joe,” also on the Ode to Billie Joe album issued August 21, 1967]
  4. I Saw an Angel Die” [A-side, Ode to Billie Joe]
  5. Papa, Woncha Let Me Go to Town with You?” [B-side of “I Saw an Angel Die,” Ode to Billie Joe, 1967]
  6. Chickasaw County Child” [Ode to Billie Joe, 1967]
  7. Sunday Best” [Ode to Billie Joe, 1967]
  8. Bugs” [Ode to Billie Joe, 1967]
  9. Hurry, Tuesday Child” [Ode to Billie Joe, 1967]
  10. Lazy Willie” [Ode to Billie Joe, 1967]
  11. Show-Off” [unreleased ’til the 2000 compilation Ode to Bobbie Gentry: The Capitol Years]
  12. Okolona River Bottom Band” [No. 54 POP November 18, 1967, The Delta Sweete]
  13. Penduli Pendulum” [B-side of “Okolona River Bottom Band,” distributed February 5, 1968, on The Delta Sweete]
  14. Reunion” [The Delta Sweete, 1968]
  15. Mornin’ Glory” [The Delta Sweete, 1968; a later duet version from the Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell album climbed to No. 74 POP, No. 32 Adult Contemporary]
  16. Jessye’ Lisabeth” [The Delta Sweete, 1968]
  17. Refractions” [The Delta Sweete, 1968]
  18. Courtyard” [B-side of “Louisiana Man,” The Delta Sweete, 1968]
  19. I Didn’t Know” [acoustic outtake from The Delta Sweete sessions; on 2018’s The Girl from Chickasaw County: The Complete Capitol Masters eight-CD box set]
  20. Morning to Midnight” [acoustic outtake from The Delta Sweete sessions; on The Girl from Chickasaw County]
  21. The Way I Do” [acoustic outtake unveiled on the two-CD 2020 deluxe edition of The Delta Sweete]
  22. Sweete Peony” [A-side, bowed August 26, 1968, on Local Gentry]
  23. Casket Vignette” [B-side of “Touch ’Em with Love,” Local Gentry, 1968]
  24. Ace Insurance Man” [UK B-side of “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again,” Local Gentry, 1968]
  25. Recollection” [Local Gentry, 1968]
  26. Sittin’ Pretty” [Bobbie Gentry / Kelly Gordon, Local Gentry, 1968]
  27. Seasons Come, Seasons Go” [B-side of “Apartment 21,” released July 7, 1969, on Touch ’Em with Love]
  28. Glory Hallelujah, How They’ll Sing” [UK B-side of “Apartment 21,” Touch ’Em with Love, 1969]
  29. Fancy” [No. 31 POP, No. 26 C&W, No. 8 Adult Contemporary, November 8, 1969, Fancy]
  30. Billy the Kid” [B-side April 4, 1970, of “He Made a Woman Out of Me,” Patchwork]
  31. But I Can’t Get Back” [Bobbie Gentry / Kelly Gordon, No. 37 Adult Contemporary, issued April 26, 1971, on Patchwork]
  32. Marigolds and Tangerines” [B-side of “But I Can’t Get Back,” Patchwork, 1971]
  33. Somebody Like Me” [UK A-side, Patchwork, 1971]
  34. Benjamin” [UK B-side of “Somebody Like Me,” Patchwork, 1971]
  35. Beverly” [Patchwork, 1971]
  36. Miss Clara / Azusa Sue” [Patchwork, 1971]
  37. Jeremiah” [Patchwork, 1971]
  38. Belinda” [Patchwork, 1971]
  39. Mean Stepmama Blues” [Patchwork, 1971]
  40. Your Number One Fan” [Patchwork, 1971]
  41. Lookin’ In” [Patchwork, 1971]
  42. Smoke” [outtake from the Patchwork sessions; available on 2007’s The Best of the Capitol Years]
  43. Joanne” [outtake from Patchwork; exhumed for 2018’s The Girl from Chickasaw County]
  44. You and Me Together” [B-side only August 12, 1972, of “The Girl from Cincinnati”]
  45. Another Place — Another Time” [theme song released circa May 9, 1974, from Max Baer, Jr.’s drive-in blockbuster Macon County Line]
  46. Slow Cookin’” [outtake from Gentry’s circa December 1977 sessions at “Fancy” producer Rick Hall’s Music Mill Studio in Muscle Shoals, Alabama; included on the December 1990 Greatest Hits Curb compilation]
Sittin’ pretty for her very first Capitol photo session: An alternate, vertical red checkered shirt and blue jeans clad shot of then-struggling singer-songwriter Bobbie Gentry was submitted by Capitol Records to Billboard, which appeared in their July 19, 1967, issue plugging Gentry’s debut single on the label — “Ode to Billie Joe” b/w “Mississippi Delta.” Image Credit: Universal Music Group / / Courtesy of Andrew Batt
Bobbie Gentry patiently signs autographs for a teenage girl, anxiously holding a copy of the singer’s second album “The Delta Sweete,” in Korvette’s record department on July 24, 1968, in New York City. Photography by William “PoPsie” Randolph / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images
Bobbie Gentry and a chic gold lamé jacket-wearing Glen Campbell around the September 1968 issue of their 12-song, No. 11 POP duets album for Capitol Records. Image Credit: The Jeremy C. Dunn Collection

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