The complete songwriting list of ‘Wichita Lineman’ Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell was a budding songwriter in the ’60s. Decades later producer Julian Raymond cajoled the “True Grit” Texas Ranger to collaborate on “Ghost on the Canvas.” For the first time, 39 confirmed Campbell compositions are tallied in chronological order. He insisted that he was cheated out of royalties on one of his earliest songs — “Turn Around, Look at Me.” Campbell is seen above as the titular character of “Norwood Pratt,” a returning Vietnam Marine hell bent on angling a spot singing country music on the Louisiana Hayride. Filmed in July and August 1969, “Norwood” sank without a trace at the box office but notably reunited Campbell with “True Grit” novelist Charles Portis, screenwriter Marguerite Roberts, producers Hal Wallis and Paul Nathan, and costar Kim Darby. Photography by Henry Gris / FPG / Getty Images

A 55-year recording session cat posthumously nominated in 2017 for a Grammy Award for Best American Roots Performance for the autobiographical “Arkansas Farmboy” off the Carl Jackson-produced Adiós, proud Arkansan Glen Campbell was 24 years old when he pulled up stakes for the City of Angels after playing in his uncle’s outfit the Dick Bills Band and fronting the Western…



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