Straight from the factory with Clint Black’s guitar compadre Hayden Nicholas

Clint Black, the Beatles, Willie Nelson, “Killin’ Time,” tender tear-jerker “The Last Day,” and more dominate an all-encompassing interview with Fender Telecaster axeman and country songwriter Hayden Nicholas. In the accompanying still the husband of “Knots Landing” actress Lisa Hartman and father of Lily Pearl Black prefers a traditional black Stetson and navy blue ensemble as he promotes 2015’s “On Purpose” record. That’s a Tom Anderson Stratocaster electric guitar Black is assuredly grasping. Image Credit: Black Top Records

“Without being too blunt about it, the consensus is that once you’re over 50, forget it, country radio is just not going to put you on their current playlist.” In an exclusive interview, Hayden Nicholas, Clint Black’s right hand man on record and on stage, judiciously rationalizes the harsh decree from modern programmers.