Steve McQueen broke all the rules: A word with his widow and author Marshall Terrill

“If Steve McQueen wanted something, he didn’t ask — he simply took. If someone got in his way, he didn’t say sorry — he said, ‘Screw you.’ McQueen was someone who would speak out in situations where polite people never would. He would break the rules…” Hang tight as the King of Cool’s widow Barbara Minty and biographer Marshall Terrill tackle their favorite subject in an exclusive interview. In the accompanying shot the on top of the world superstar, in between classics “The Great Escape” and “The Cincinnati Kid,” stares intently into the camera in an aqua blue Polo shirt circa 1964. Photography by William Claxton
On September 19, 2017, Marshall Terrill and pal Barbara Minty McQueen stroll along New York City’s Central Park and discover a mini waterfall during a promotional trip pushing “Steve McQueen: American Icon.” The brainchild of Pastor Greg Laurie, the theatrical documentary explores the King of Cool’s final days battling mesothelioma and newfound Christian faith. Image courtesy of Marshall Terrill

The Barbara Minty McQueen and Marshall Terrill Interview

Captured somewhere in Mexico as down on his luck gunfighter Vin Tanner, Steve McQueen relaxes in the saddle while filming the National Film Registry-preserved western “The Magnificent Seven” circa March 1960. Notice the vintage autograph, stylish ring and horse reins clutched in the actor’s fingers. Image Credit: United Artists
Minus any underwear, a lean and mean, bare-chested Steve McQueen lifts weights in the Paramount Studios gym during a break from shooting “Love with the Proper Stranger”, a superb romantic comedy drama costarring Natalie Wood, in spring 1963. Photography by John Dominis / LIFE Magazine
Barbara Minty and future perm-sporting husband Steve McQueen stay alive on the busy shoulder of the Pacific Coast Highway in an antique Ace motorcycle with sidecar during the “Enemy of the People’s” actor’s hermit phase at the end of 1977. Son Chad McQueen is on a similar bike in the background. Photography by Peter Borsari / The Barbara Minty McQueen Collection / appears in “Steve McQueen: The Last Mile…Revisited”
This early 1970s photo of Barbara Minty McQueen, sporting a white crocheted hat, failed to impress Eileen Ford, the grand dame of the modeling industry. Nonetheless, she signed the future bride of Steve McQueen to a lucrative modeling contract. Image courtesy of Marshall Terrill / appears in “Steve McQueen: The Last Mile…Revisited”
Watch dedicated car aficionado Jay Leno shoot the breeze with fellow gearhead Barbara Minty McQueen during an August 18, 2012, taping in Pebble Beach, California, for the web-based “Jay Leno’s Garage.” McQueen is the widow of “Le Mans” champion Steve McQueen. Video Credit: Big Dog Productions / NBCUniversal
See Barbara Minty McQueen’s really candid interview on “The Late Show with David Letterman” from March 13, 2007. Video Credit: Worldwide Pants / CBS

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