Searching for Elvis Presley’s humanity with Statler Brother Jimmy Fortune

Seen in the Nail Swirl aka “I Got Lucky” jumpsuit with red macrame belt and wielding the iconic 1956 Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar, a shaggy-haired, 35-year-old Elvis Presley grasps a microphone and cuts loose in front of an 18,700-capacity crowd at the Inglewood Forum on November 14, 1970. The Saturday afternoon was Elvis’s first Los Angeles concert in 13 years, and the $313,000 gross from this and the later evening show shattered the one-day box office record of $238,000 earned by the Rolling Stones over two shows the previous year according to Robert Hilburn’s glowing LA Times review. Elvis is most likely delivering opening number “That’s All Right” or Ray Charles’s “I Got a Woman.” Image Credit: Colorization by Matt Ashton / For Elvis CD Collectors message board

Youngest Statler Brother Jimmy Fortune replaced ailing original tenor Lew “Flowers on the Wall” DeWitt in 1982 and remained with the country-gospel quartet until their retirement 20 years later. Besides supporting Johnny Cash at the notorious Folsom Prison and being christened “America’s Poets” by counterculture ink slinger Kurt Vonnegut, the Statler Brothers…



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