‘Riding the Carousel’ recommends Hollies frontman’s ‘Resurgence’

Founding Hollie Allan Clarke gratefully clutches his “Peggy Sue Got Married” guitar gifted by the Buddy Holly Educational Foundation. Included in the booklet for the 10-song “Resurgence,” the Gibson J-45 acoustic guitar with a hand-tooled leather cover was designed by luthier Mick Johnson and became Clarke’s primary compositional tool. There are various replicas of Holly’s Gibson which have been authorized by the foundation started by widow María Elena. Named after Holly’s greatest hits, they are bequeathed to artists who significantly contributed to the “Rave On” rocker’s legacy. In 1980 the harmony-laden British quintet actually issued a 16-track LP tribute to Holly. Unfortunately, it was an unmitigated commercial disaster laden with synthesizers that placed a nail in the coffin regarding the future tenure of bassist Bernie Calvert and rhythm acoustic guitarist-songwriter Terry Sylvester. Image Credit: Allan Clarke’s official Facebook