Peter Fonda looks back on father’s iconic performance in Sidney Lumet’s ‘12 Angry Men’

“Easy Rider” producer, co-screenwriter, and star Peter Fonda remembers esteemed director Sidney Lumet’s “12 Angry Men” and the unstoppable fierceness which his father Henry Fonda brought to the landmark 1957 courtroom drama. In descending order, proud if reticent papa Henry, Peter, and eldest daughter Jane Fonda are depicted in this precious 1962 still. Earlier that year Peter ventured into acting with television guest spots on “Naked City,” “The New Breed,” and the long-running Western “Wagon Train.” In 2014 Peter told the UK-based Daily Express, “My dad’s family were Christian Scientists. They believe that if you’re hurt or in pain you cure it by praying. Crying was not acceptable. My father was a shy man. To his dying day we only ever knew seven stories about him. He was afraid of strong emotion.” Photography by Don Ornitz / eBay seller Movie Market