‘Not Just Another Pretty Foot:’ Blowing the lid off Jim Stafford’s mid-’70s MGM tenure

Jim Stafford details the three golden years of his staggering 50-year career in a behind the scenes interview. Signed to MGM Records in 1972 on the advice of soft rock purveyor Lobo, the country songwriter became a crossover pop phenomenon with six consecutive Top 40 pop hits — “Swamp Witch”, “Spiders & Snakes,” “My Girl, Bill,” “Wildwood Weed,” “Your Bulldog Drinks Champagne,” and “I Got Stoned and I Missed It.” The accompanying still displays the vinyl rear jacket of Stafford’s self-titled debut album, which first appeared March 16, 1974 in Billboard magazine and charted at No. 55 POP and No. 6 C&W during its 33-week chart run. The natural entertainer looks downright trendy in blue jeans, a rhinestone-encrusted belt, and black floral shirt. Image Credit: Luigi’s ’50s ’60s Vinyl Corner [blog] / Universal Music Group