Mitch Vogel spills the beans on joining beloved television series ‘Bonanza’

Lorne Greene and Mitch Vogel emblazon their characterizations of Ben “Pa” Cartwright and Jamie Cartwright, respectively, circa June 1970. The autographed inscription reads, “To Eva, Thanks for writing! Love & Life, Best Always, Mitch Vogel ‘Jamie.’” Image courtesy of Eva Foran Mayer / Bonanza Boomers
Circa June 1971, Mitch Vogel is captured as orphan Jamie Hunter on “Bonanza”, later adopted by benevolent Ponderosa patriarch Ben Cartwright [Lorne Greene]. Producer-creator David Dortort wished to continue the series’ father-son dynamic since Michael Landon had reached his mid-30s by the early 1970s. Image Credit: Bonanza Brits
Taken in August 1972 in the Red Hills Mountain Range — south of Chinese Camp, California — David Canary, Michael Landon, Lorne Greene, Mitch Vogel, and Tim Matheson are captured filming the “Stallion” episode during “Bonanza’s” final season. Notice the authentic Shay locomotive #3 train. Image Credit: Bonanza Ventures / NBCUniversal
The March 27–April 2, 1971 cover of TV Guide magazine, featuring Michael Landon, Dan Blocker, Mitch Vogel, and Lorne Greene of “Bonanza” fame. Photography by Gene Trindl / TV Guide
“Some Texans Recall Hoss When He Was Just a Colt:” Presenting the August 14–20, 1971 cover of TV Guide magazine, featuring a caricature of Dan Blocker as the lovable Hoss Cartwright. Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, and Mitch Vogel are visible in the background. Illustration by Jack Davis / TV Guide
Featured for the last time on the cover of TV Guide magazine is the cast of “Bonanza” in the shocking aftermath of costar Dan Blocker’s sudden passing. Entitled “Bonanza: How They’ll Carry on Without Hoss,” the story ran in the October 7–13, 1972, edition. Clockwise from top left are illustrations of Michael Landon, David Canary, Tim Matheson, Lorne Greene, and Mitch Vogel. The Landon rendering is particularly awful. Illustration by Mark English / TV Guide
Mitch Vogel [Jamie Hunter Cartwright] and Michael Landon [Little Joe Cartwright] share a laugh in a publicity photo taken for season 12 of “Bonanza” circa June 1970. Image Credit: Bonanza Ventures / NBC Universal
“Bringing in the sheaves, right this very minute, take the dog out:” Click to see “The Bucket Dog,” one of Mitch Vogel’s favorite “Bonanza” episodes. The poignant, often inspiring story costarring Lorne Greene and Michael Landon was broadcast during the final, abbreviated season of the classic western series on December 19, 1972. It’s one of the few times where laughter is evoked on the series post-Dan Blocker. Video Credit: CBS / Paramount

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