Mind-blowing interview tips from veteran journalist Philip Bashe

Seasoned New York-based pop culture word slinger Philip Bashe divulges essential interview tips to anyone desiring to be taken seriously as a journalist of merit, from overcoming anxiousness, corralling conversations, editing technique, preparedness, and not being pigeonholed as a one-subject writer. Seen above is 18-year-old rocker Rick Nelson circa 1958, expertly profiled by Bashe in “Teenage Idol, Travelin’ Man: The Complete Biography of Rick Nelson” in 1992. Image Credit: Universal Music Group / Din Merican WordPress

With the plethora of online interviews available within seconds, it becomes quite a formidable task in trying to weed out exceptional pieces of work. All too often an interviewer is merely content to show up for a summit without doing any research beyond Wikipedia which places the interview subject in an uncomfortable situation. To make matters worse, many interviewers bring a…



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