John Wayne hawks Datril 500, Bristol-Myers’ miracle headache remedy

Where have all the cowboys gone? Having endured open heart surgery to replace an aortic valve followed by a nasty bout with hepatitis earlier that year, a trim 71-year-old John Wayne is feo, fuerte, y formal while shooting a Great Western Savings and Loan Association commercial along the California coastline circa August 25, 1978. Photography by David Sutton / John Wayne Enterprises
John Wayne is captured with his “Train Robbers” Stetson in Monument Valley, Utah, hawking Datril 500 in December 1976. “It’s strong medicine for a headache, but gentle on the rest of your system.” Image Credit: Bristol-Myers Squibb / Click Americana
“I asked my doctor about taking Datril 500. He said, ‘Great.’ Ask your doctor.” Circa April 1977, 69-year-old John Wayne dons a dashing tuxedo to pitch the Bristol-Myers headache remedy pill that briefly competed with Tylenol. Image Credit: Bristol-Myers Squibb / Click Americana

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