Jimmie ‘Honeycomb’ Rodgers, ‘Sloop John B,’ and the Beach Boys

The rear jacket of “Troubled Times,” Jimmie Rodgers’ penultimate studio album dropped with scant fanfare in July 1970 on Herb Alpert’s A&M Records. Armed with a reliable acoustic guitar, Rodgers smiles broadly in spite of a devastating physical assault two and a half years earlier on the San Diego Freeway and a divorce from first wife Colleen McClatchey. Michele Rodgers remembers her dad being photographed inside the bedroom of his old cottage-style Brentwood mansion. The room contained an old desk, which Rodgers used as a songwriting base, as well as circular windows that beckoned to a beautiful garden. It was late and stormy the evening the photo session occurred. Rodgers penned eight of the LP’s 10 songs including the title cut, issued as a non-charting A-side. “Troubled Times” remains unavailable in the streaming world. Photography by Jim McCrary / Artwork by Tom Wilkes / Universal Music Group / Discogs
Image Credit: The Estate of Jimmie Rodgers / The Columbian
Both Image Credits: Discogs / Rhino Entertainment
Left Image Credit: 45Cat user “Louval” / Rhino Entertainment; Right Image Credit: Photography by Alfred Gescheidt / Collectors’ Choice Music

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