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You’d never guess in a million years what Johnny Cash, Guns N’ Roses, The Who, Chicago, Merle Haggard, Rick Nelson, Buck Owens, Big Star, and Bobby Darin all have in common — albums that have taken years to finally see the light of day. Get the scoop here! Photography by obBilder / Pixabay

Fellow Medium journalist Mike Moran perused a feature interview of mine, “Surf’s Up on Al Jardine’s Bombshell SMiLE Revelation,” and prompted me to dig deeper than he likely intended with his straightforward query — what are some other lost albums besides the Beach Boys’ 1967 pop masterpiece SMiLE? Although the criteria for abandoned LP’s are debatable, here are nine generally not-so-familiar instances. Some have yet to see the light of day.

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A blue Paul Reed Smith [PRS] electric guitar, or a mighty good example of a builder trying to duplicate one. Thanks to Craig R. Clemens for six-string identification. Photography by obBilder / Pixabay

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