In email correspondence shared with me on September 8, 2020, a source who preferred to remain anonymous divulged.......

I am about to burn some old journals and I came across an old entry I wrote as I was packing up to leave the River Bend Ranch in Durango, CO on 8/21/15.

Jody McQueen spent the summer on this 165-acre ranch in Durango. He used to mow the lawn for rent. I had lunch in his trailer a few times and we used to shoot the breeze. I was about 25 and a nomad always on the move (sorta still am).

He told me he was Steve's brother. Lived winters in AZ and summers in Durango. He didn't drink water cause he said his food had plenty (claimed to be 80 years old). Super interesting guy.

He told me once if you want to do something, no matter what it is, just do it. Quotes from journal: "Do like I do, when I go to the beach, I try not to step in anybodies footprints. I just make my own." - J. McQueen

One day he saw me packing my car and knew what I was doing. Leaving for another adventure. He said he's done it a million times before. Last thing he said was, "Give em hell. Whenever I leave, I just tell them I'm writing another chapter of my book."

I liked Jody. And sorta admired him. He claimed to be a Hall of Fame Stunt Man and the brother of Steve McQueen. I now see he probably wasn't and all his advice about doing what you want sorta puts him in a new light.

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