Hi Chas, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance here on Medium. “White Hunter, Black Heart” is now on my to-watch list — it’s one of Clint Eastwood’s more obscure films. Based on Errol Flynn’s mounting health problems, John Huston would have likely whipped him. While Huston could be manipulative, he directed one of my favorites, Audie Murphy, in possibly his best role alongside Burt Lancaster and Audrey Hepburn in the 1960 western “The Unforgiven.” I have been reading “John Wayne: The Life & Legend” by Scott Eyman. The Duke worked with Huston only one time, coincidentally just before “The Roots of Heaven,” in the disappointing “Barbarian and the Geisha.” Wayne despised Huston’s questionable work ethic, fascination with shooting Far East scenery vs. improving the script, and took over the film in post-production. Try Google Books or your local library…I’d encourage you to read Eyman’s exhaustive account.

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Retro pop culture interviews & lovin’ someone fierce sustain this University of Georgia Master of Agricultural Leadership alum. Email: jeremylr@windstream.net

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