‘Heartbreak Hotel’ knocked him flat on the ground—Mark Lindsay salutes Elvis

Ride him, cowboy! Still basking in the afterglow of owning his prized Circle G ranch, Elvis Presley salutes the camera during a June 1968 photo shoot for the ‘“68 Comeback Special.” Image Credit: EPSS [Elvis Photo Shoot Sessions] / NBC Universal
As a determined 15-year-old rockabilly singer, Mark Lindsay is destined for stardom in this 1957 candid. Image Credit: Mark Lindsay’s official Facebook

The Mark Lindsay Interview

Modeling the iconic American Eagle jumpsuit as seen in “Aloha from Hawaii,” a 39-year-old Elvis Presley and his record producer Felton Jarvis are captured inside the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel sometime during the generous superstar’s January 26 — February 9, 1974 engagement. Image Credit: The Tony Frost Collection / Candid Central [Paul’s Elvis Page]
The eye-catching cover of “Rudy the Fifth,” photographed by “Adam-12” star Kent McCord and released by Rick Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band on October 4, 1971, via Decca Records. It barely scraped onto the Billboard Pop Albums chart at No. 204. Nelson composed seven tunes for the album, including the magnificent, foreboding rocker “Gypsy Pilot” and “This Train.” Photography by Kent McCord / Universal Music Group
Elvis Presley rehearses on his Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar hours before his debut sit-down show at NBC Studios in Burbank, California, on June 27, 1968. Critics and fans alike call the unplugged, raw boxing ring segment the best aspect of the “‘68 Comeback Special.” Photography by Frank Carroll / FECC Elvis-Collectors / NBC Universal
The French single 45 cover of the Raiders’ million-selling “Indian Reservation” b/w “Terry’s Tune,” released on February 12, 1971 by CBS Records. Left to right are organist Paul Revere, drummer Joe Correro, Jr., bassist Keith Allison, Mark Lindsay, and lead guitarist Freddy Weller. Image Credit: 45Cat user Rockygonzales
Raiders Paul Revere, bassist-guitarist Keith Allison, lead guitarist Freddy Weller, drummer Mike “Smitty” Smith, and Mark Lindsay pose during the photo shoot for the “Country Wine” album, which debuted April 1, 1972, on Billboard. Image Credit: Mark Lindsay’s official Facebook fan page / Columbia Records
Singer-songwriter-producer and all around multifaceted artist Mark Lindsay, best known as the architect behind Paul Revere and the Raiders, is captured during a solo concert circa 1973. Image Credit: Mark Lindsay’s official Facebook fan page
Organist Paul Revere, who single-handedly rode cross country throughout the United States on a motorcycle plugging “Indian Reservation,” and longtime friend, singer-songwriter-producer Mark Lindsay, in a publicity image dated March 7, 1973. Photography by Greg Gilbert

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