Gauging Elvis Presley’s Shakespearean destiny from an outsider’s perspective

A thorough interview with definitive Steve McQueen chronicler Marshall Terrill uncovers an unambiguous admiration for Elvis Presley. Anecdotes abound regarding Colonel Tom Parker’s debilitating penchant for gambling, the Beatles vs. Elvis fan mentality, founding Memphis Mafia member Sonny West and his controversial “Elvis: What Happened?” expose, Los Angeles hairstylist-guru Larry Geller, rejecting radio deejay George Klein’s memoir, the memoirs of effervescent near-wife Linda Thompson and final girlfriend Ginger Alden, how Elvis’s inspired performances often hinged on his level of instrumental commitment, why Elvis didn’t compose more material, how lifestyle choices gradually diminished his recording career, and loads more. With perfectly coiffed hair, the King of Rock ’n’ Roll portrays dashing riverboat gambler Johnny in an elegant still from “Frankie and Johnny,” distributed to cinemas on March 31, 1966. Image Credit: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Elvis Photo Shoot Sessions