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  • Alonso Ramirez

    Alonso Ramirez

    I believe in annoyed at first sight.

  • Biomimicry Innovation Lab

    Biomimicry Innovation Lab

    Global #futurist consultancy. Developing #innovative solutions for #manufacturing, #agriculture & #cities. #biomimicryrocks #research #biofuturism

  • Jennifer Kathleen

    Jennifer Kathleen

    I am seeking representation for my memoir about helping solve the cold case of Suzanne Bombardier: https://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/Antioch-police-arrest-ma

  • Mayank Majila

    Mayank Majila

    I write about FLP — Finance, Life & Productivity. Subscribe to my newsletter so you never miss any of my stories! https://medium.com/subscribe/@mayankmajila29

  • Keith Carroll

    Keith Carroll

  • Listyo


    Menulis untuk melawan, melawan dengan menulis

  • Julie Guardado

    Julie Guardado

    Nutshell: Meditation, Yoga, Fur-babies, RN opinions. Author of “Birth of a New J: A Cathartic Memoir,” “Conducting the King,” & “A Message for Grandpa.”

  • Lonesome Suzie

    Lonesome Suzie

    Fascinated by the 1960s-70s. Love music. Obsessed with The Band and Richard Manuel. Amateur writer and compulsive reader.

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