Fascinated by faraway places — Keeping up with the multifaceted Ken Mansfield

Beatles insider Ken Mansfield talks about growing up dirt poor alongside a Nez Perce Indian reservation, Waylon Jennings, Les Paul, Bill Haley, producing a pre-Buffalo Springfield Jim Messina and the Deep Six, the Beatles’ final 1969 concert held on the Apple building rooftop for their “Let It Be” movie, and eons more in the debut installment of an engrossing interview. Seen above, a California blonde goddess sleeps peacefully on the cover of Al Martino’s “Wake Up to Me Gentle” album, mentioned in the December 14, 1968, edition of Billboard magazine. Mansfield penned the title cut which was also dropped as a single. Image Credit: Capitol Records

Capitol Records wunderkind. Producer. Songwriter. Guitarist. Author. Motivational speaker. Obvious multi-purpose raconteur Ken Mansfield generously relives his amazing journey below in a candid interview.

While Mansfield may not be a household name, the artists he counts as co-conspirators most certainly are. During his creative…



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