‘Even If I Hold It in My Hand [Hard Luck Story],’ the Everly Brothers’ minor chord mini-masterpiece

Garish threads acquired from Dublin boutique shops dominate this unused color portrait for a spread featured in the June 1966 issue of New Spotlight magazine. Youngest Everly Brother Phil wears a matching red tartan jacket and hipster slacks, chanteuse Eileen Kelley [frontwoman for Irish showband the Nevada] opts for a floral print tapestry dress, while elder brother and lead singer Don Everly is content with a trendy neon red corduroy reefer jacket and blue checked hipster pants. In late April 1966 the Everly Brothers toured Ireland and sat for this series of predominantly black and white photos. Their most recent Top 40 pop single in the USA had been the propulsive “Gone, Gone, Gone” in 1964 — two years without a hit in the swingin’ sixties was cause for crisis — but European audiences offered a reprieve by approving “The Price of Love” and “Love Is Strange.” Photography by Roy Esmonde / Brand New Retro / appears in the 1990 book “The Swinging Sixties”
A candid of Glen Campbell and Don Everly during a recording session. Judging by the burgeoning length of Everly’s hair, it was possibly taken on September 14, 1967, at United Recording Corporation Studios on 6050 Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood when the Everly Brothers were cutting the “Love of the Common People” A-side. Campbell’s solo career was heating up, and September 14 was the final occasion when he joined the Everly’s in the studio. Don is strumming a Gibson ES thin-body electric guitar, unlike live shows where he preferred an acoustic, and the future “Rhinestone Cowboy” is brandishing a Teisco T-60 electric guitar played prolifically during his session work with the Wrecking Crew as well as on “The Big Bad Rock Guitar of Glen Campbell” 1965 LP. The Teisco T-60 remained in Campbell’s collection until his passing. Please comment if you know the identity of the other two musicians. Image Credit: Everlything [Tumblr]

“Even If I Hold It in My Hand [Hard Luck Story]”

The 12-track “Hit Sound of the Everly Brothers” was Dick Glasser’s penultimate production for the Kentucky songbirds, although it went nowhere on the charts in March 1967. A similar fate befell sole single “Devil’s Child” b/w the then-unknown Jimmy Webb’s “She Never Smiles Anymore.” Mostly consisting of rock ’n’ roll, pop, R&B, and country oldies, the Everly Brothers’ 14th studio album featured a provocative black and white cover with Phil staring intently at the listener with arms folded across his chest. Photography by Ed Thrasher / 45Worlds user “Cronkey” / Warner Music Group
“In a time of confusion, two young voices dedicated to singing Truth.” The rear LP jacket of “The Hit Sound of the Everly Brothers” finds a shadow-encompassing Don Everly pondering his artistic direction in lieu of the British Invasion and an influx of flower power-advocating acts. Photography by Ed Thrasher / The Klaus Hiltscher Collection / Flickr / Warner Music Group
According to the Country Music Hall of Fame, this shot of Phil Everly, second wife Patricia Mickey, elder brother Don Everly, and producer Chet Atkins was snapped in August 1972. Atkins, who was vice president of RCA’s Nashville division, had furnished lead guitar to the vast majority of the Everly Brothers’ classic 1957–1961 discography cut at RCA Studio B in Nashville. A decade later he reunited with the duo to produce and supply six string prowess on “Pass the Chicken and Listen,” a by the numbers follow-up to the killer “Stories We Could Tell” waxed in Los Angeles with Doors architect Paul Rothchild. In spite of their smiling countenance, within a year Don would announce his intentions to leave the act. Phil smashed his acoustic guitar and stalked offstage at Knotts’ Berry Farm when a Knotts’ manager stopped the show midway through the second of three scheduled sets due to Don’s inebriation. For 11 years the brothers did not speak. Image Credit: The Country Music Hall of Fame

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