Elvis Presley’s cover of ‘Talk About the Good Times’ contains an uncredited Jerry Reed guitar solo

Featuring lead single “The Crude Oil Blues,” here is the 1974 cover of Jerry Reed’s “A Good Woman’s Love” RCA Victor album.
Jerry Reed’s blue denim ensemble, mutton chop sideburns, turquoise necklace, wristbands, and red, white, and black belt buckle of an American eagle reek of the Disco Decade. “A Good Woman’s Love” was the celebrated claw picker’s 17th studio album, dropped in June 1974 on RCA Victor. The title cut [No. 12 C&W] and the Guitar Man’s own composition “Crude Oil Blues” [No. 91 POP, No. 13 C&W] were Top 20 hits on Billboard’s country chart. Although a decent seller [five weeks on the C&W chart, peaking at No. 28], the album signaled a downward trajectory in Reed’s fortunes until the anthemic “East Bound and Down” three years later. Of the LP’s 10 songs, “Everybody Needs Someone” was also penned by Reed, while he arranged “Oh Shenandoah” and “Rollin’ in My Sweet Baby’s Arms.” Propelled by a clavinet, Reed even did justice to Elvis Presley’s “Mystery Train.” Mentor Chet Atkins co-produced the proceedings with Reed, and the band included Atkins apprentice Paul Yandell, fiddle maestro Vassar Clements, and powerhouse drummer Larrie London. After being unavailable for 45 years unless you held onto the original vinyl, “A Good Woman’s Love” was finally reissued in January 2019 to digital outlets with minimal fanfare. Photography by Bob Jones / Sony Music Entertainment / Pandora