Drowning in memories with T. Graham Brown, a country song’s best friend

Come hell or high water, late 1980s country-soul song stylist T. Graham Brown runs until his feet don’t touch the ground in the first installment of his most in-depth interview. A country song’s best friend, the incomparable Brown poses in casual street clothes after performing a sold-out show at the Alapaha Station Celebration in Alapaha, Georgia, on November 13, 2010. Photography by Jeremy Roberts
A 2003 outtake of a strikingly handsome T. Graham Brown from “The Next Right Thing” album cover shoot, later used on the cover of his subsequent album, “The Present,” distributed on the now defunct Joy Records on October 31, 2006. Image Credit: The T. Graham Brown Archive

The T. Graham Brown Interview, Part One

There is some confusion regarding your birthplace — was it Atlanta or Arabi, Georgia?

On his way to perform at the Florida State Fair in Tampa, country-soul stylist T. Graham Brown pauses for a few minutes on February 12, 2013, to recognize Arabi, the rural South Georgia town where he spent the majority of his youth. Notice the cemetery at right. Photography by Sheila Brown
The city limits of Arabi, part of Crisp County, Georgia, the boyhood home of country song stylist T. Graham Brown, circa January 1, 2013. Photography by John Pluta / Cordele Georgia Blogspot
Show us the money! The single cover of T. Graham Brown’s “Brilliant Conversationalist,” which landed just inside the Billboard Country Top Ten at No. 9 and later became the title cut of his sophomore album. Image Credit: Capitol Records
Multifaceted former Kenny Rogers road manager Garth Shaw joyfully meets pal T. Graham Brown backstage at Fan Fair in Nashville, Tennessee, in June 1998. Shaw exclusively remembers, “I was aware of T. Graham in 1985 when he had his first hit record. My friend Gary Nicholson wrote most of the songs on T. Graham’s first two albums — ‘I Tell It Like It Used to Be’ and ‘Brilliant Conversationalist.’ Another songwriting friend named Bruce Burch got involved in T. Graham’s career with “The Last Resort” Top 5 C&W single in 1988. Both Bruce and Gary have been very successful songwriters. When I moved to Nashville in 1986 to be Sawyer Brown’s road manager, they shared the same management firm with T. Graham. We did a lot of shows together.” Image Credit: The Garth Shaw Collection
I surrender myself to what the future will bring: Click to hear country-soul stylist T. Graham Brown deliver the passionate ballad and title cut of his 2003 album, “The Next Right Thing.” Video Credit: YouTube user Dale White

Retro pop culture interviews & lovin’ someone fierce sustain this University of Georgia Master of Agricultural Leadership alum. Email: jeremylr@windstream.net

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