Bobbie Gentry’s ‘Fancy’ by way of Reba McEntire’s producer Tony Brown

“Fancy has come a long way…just ask Bobbie Gentry.” Introducing the black and white sheet music for the alluring Mississippi singer-songwriter’s “Fancy” in addition to the single advertisement placed in Billboard magazine circa November 8, 1969. While never confirmed by the artist herself, insiders firmly believe that Gentry painted the album cover of “Fancy,” basing it on the fiery red, madam of the bordello portrait above. “Here’s your one chance Fancy, don’t let me down!” is a chorus for the ages. Both Image Credits: Universal Music Group / / Courtesy of Andrew Batt

The Tony Brown Interview, Part Five

Between 1980 and 2010 Reba McEntire amassed 24 number ones and a further 34 Top Ten country hits. McEntire’s interpretation of “Fancy” unfurled side two of her 17th studio album Rumor Has It and was earmarked as the LP’s third single in February 1991 following “You Lie” and the title