A color coordinated Sunday afternoon in South Georgia, Brogdon style

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Ninety-five-year-old Sarah Brogdon is a feisty, kind-hearted homemaker who still serves dinner for a half dozen farmhands specializing in poultry and row crop production in South Georgia. In the accompanying photo submitted to the local Berrien Press newspaper, from left to right are Ms. Brogdon, niece Lori Tyler Fillyaw, eldest grandson William Brogdon, only child Arnold Brogdon, his wife Janie Tucker Brogdon, and Lori’s kids, 11-year-old Sarah and nine-year-old Lucas. Photography by Jeremy Roberts

Ms. Sarah Railey Brogdon of Alapaha, Georgia, spent her 95th birthday with friends, family, Dixie the bulldog, Missy the snow white cat, and four surprise chrysanthemums on September 29. Still cooking for six or more farmhands — dinner preparations begin before 7:30 each morning — the feisty, kind-hearted homemaker and late husband Owell were poultry production innovators, entering the industry in 1967 and never looking back. After eating a delicious helping of ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, Ms. Sarah gathered chicken eggs and oversaw the pruning of some old-timey English dogwoods in her front yard [yours truly has never sweated so profusely on a birthday]. Next up on her to-do list is sewing a patch of mustard and turnips. Ms. Sarah has one sister still living, Mamie Gaskins, while youngest grandson Winston Brogdon was busy digging peanuts when this moment was captured three days prior to her monumental birthday [Winston’s wife is Lori Spikes, and they have a cute little farmer-in-the-making named Hudson and two daughters — Henslee and Heidi].

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